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Instructor Information: Caprise Steadman Harper

  • Email: caprise.harper@UCAS-edu.net
  • I prefer messages through canvas over emails.
  • Office Hours: Tues 5-5:30 pm, Friday 1-3 pm, and other times by appointment. All meetings with me will be on Zoom.

Hello Students!

I am glad that you are here and I hope that you are excited for this class. You are about to learn a lot of cool things about our Earth. I love studying geology and REALLY enjoy teaching this class. My Geology professor at Ricks College changed the way that I looked at the world and sparked my curiosity about volcanic eruptions - and that spark has only grown. I try to be that same kind of teacher for my students. I love getting them excited about the awesomeness of Geology and my number one goal is to have them find their own spark.

Nothing beats playing in lava. That was my favorite, but not only, encounter with a volcano. You can’t tell from the picture, but that little trickle of lava was so hot that it burned off my eyelashes and singed the fuzzy curls around my face. (Hawaii 2006)

I mostly grew up in Idaho near the town of Burley. I have a lot of happy memories playing on the Snake River and 4-wheeling on the family farm. No one is a bigger fan of Idaho than me! I stared college a couple of weeks after high school graduation and earned an associates degree at BYUI. And I had a blast doing it. I took cross country skiing, downhill skiing, bowling, wallyball (3 times), ballroom dancing and did two outdoor adventure programs. But I missed watching football so I transferred to BYU-Provo.

Snake River

At BYU-Provo I earned a bachelor's degree in Space and Earth Science Education and a minor in Music. After graduation I taught 9th grade Earth Science for a few years at Timpview High School in Provo, and then went back to BYU where I snagged a husband and a Master's Degree in Geology.


I currently live in Payson UT. Where I live very close to both the canyon, (awesome!) and the new temple. We love living in Payson. My daughter plays all of the community sports and gets to live by her cousins. The country setting reminds me of home.

(I have one little girl named Victoria. One of my joys is experiencing the world through her eyes. She is a complete tomboy and prefers to wear superhero or BYU attire. She is pictured here with her favorite stuffed animal (a BYU cougar of course!)

At our house we like to binge on Netflix, go on outdoor adventures, travel to see family, and cheer for our cougar football team.

I've taught professionally for a decade and a half. I've taught high school and for BYU, UVU, BYU-I, Lumen Scholar Institute, Dixie State and Utah County Academy of Sciences. I usually teach for at least two of these schools every semester, sometimes three.

Please ask me questions when you have questions. I would love to help you. I teach because I enjoy it. I want all of my students to succeed and have a good experience in this fun course. I want you to find that "spark' as we learn about our amazing Earth.


Professor Harper


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