Types of Clouds By Aaliyah Key

Below are STRATUS clouds. STRATUS clouds are at a very low altitude. They're found at about 2000-6500 meters above ground. Stratus clouds are large, thick, and grey that layout in layers. Precipitation usually does not happen with them, but mist or drizzle may occur.

These are NIMBOSTRATUS clouds. They form about 0-1980 meters above ground. Nimbostratus clouds usually evaporate before reaching the ground, but they can turn into snow if the temperature is cold enough. They look dark, have formless layering, and are widespread.

These are CUMULUS clouds that are found usually under 2000 meters in your air. They indicate fair weather. They produce little to no precipitation. Cumulus cloud look puffy or like cotton and are flat on the bottom.
Altostratus clouds can usually see the sun shining through them. They appear to be a layer or sheet. These clouds lie between 2400-6100 meters up. Often times they form in front of storms with rain or snow.

This is a CUMULONIMBUS cloud. They have a large range of 600-14000 meters above! They bring in warm air and rise higher wind speeds. They look like giant mushrooms and they usually form in tropical areas.

CIRROCUMULUS form worldwide and are around 5000-14000 meters in the air. They look very spread out and somewhat like popcorn. The clouds also look to be in some type of rows.

These are CIRRUS clouds. They also are 5000-14000 meters in the air. They're made up of ice crystals that get caught in high winds speeds 100 or above. Even though they are clouds, none of the ice ever reaches the ground.


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