Hey, I'm Brooklyn Jayde Fong and I'm going to enlighten your day by telling you a little bit about myself and how I have evolved throughout my young, short 13 years.

The odd one out: Growing up Maori and British with a little bit of Chinese, I've always been in between. Not saying it was a bad thing being different but when you've lived most of your life with a Caucasian family you start to stand out. The thing I dreaded the most was that we had this tradition (still, do) that every Saturday our whole family would go shopping at any place in Auckland, and keep in mind I was the only brown kid with 9 or more lighter skin toned people. Thinking back to the younger me I never really knew why I thought so much about it as it now no longer bothers me.

My Tom boy stage: Now when I was younger, unlike the other girls my age that fantasized over Disney Princess's & dress up I was the exact opposite. Not saying I wished I was a boy, but I guess I was never the girly girl type if ya catch my drift. I am also not afraid to admit that I would rather watch Ben 10 over Barbie. So after listening to the Mickey Mouse soundtrack over and over again, I stumbled across Hip hop & rap. I found music somewhat therapeutic and I could relate to the lyrics. It would really help me mentally and through the tougher times. I do have a few favorite artists at the moment that go by the names of Drake, J. cole, and Rihanna whose music are all so lit.

Make money, not friends: Every 2 years or so I would be asked the same question "Brooklyn, what do you want to be when you're older?" My answer went from astronaut, doctor and even the old, live on a farm surrounded by horses while I ride them on the beach type dream. Then they would stop asking because I no longer knew what I wanted to be. Moral of the story is when you're younger you have all these big dreams and ambitions to be the best for the future, but as you grow older all those dreams start to fade away like everything else. So sorry to say I no longer have an answer, but I do have advice to myself and peers. Work hard, be humble, and get that moolah :))

Living on lies: When I first came to Papatoetoe high school the thing that really stood out to me was how most of the kids were from my previous school, Papatoetoe intermediate. Pap Int was the best 2 years of my life, and even though it is a bit early to be saying this but when I got to high school, the joy of school went away. My expectation of HS was surprisingly great, then sadly when it came to the first few weeks of it lets just say like most of the kids here I wanted to kill myself (sarcastic laugh). But anyways I am hoping to change my attitude by getting more involved in sports, cultural groups and meeting new people through it all. Being the baby of the school feels like repeating primary all over again and taking it back to year 1 when I was a little innocent girl who looked like Dora and still does to this day. But moving on from the depressing stuff about my younger life, I am looking forward to these next 4 or 5 years in High school while making great first impressions to my teachers like I always do. *Halo*

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