14.4 The Nation Divides Ellis Gelt and Charlize Tran

John Brown's Raid

  • Began to get help and plan in 1858
  • October 16, 1859 - Harpers Ferry, Virginia aresenal
  • No slave help
  • Brown attacked; eight of 20 men killed, Brown retreats to firehouse
  • Marines capture Brown
  • Hung December 2, 1859
  • Some criticized Brown for excessive violence

The Election of 1860

  • Northern and Southern Democrats couldn't agree
  • North- Senator Stephen Douglas
  • South- Vice President John. C. Breckinridge
  • Constitutional Union Party- John Bell
  • Republicans all chose Abraham Lincoln
  • Lincoln won with 180 out of 183 electoral votes
  • Lincoln didn't even campaign in the south

The South Sededes

  • Lincoln planned to let slavery die out
  • Southern states wanted to withdraw from the Union
  • President Buchanan wouldn't allow it and Lincoln agreed
  • Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas- the Confederate States of America (the Confederacy)
  • Jefferson Davis was the president of the slavery centered society
  • The US didn't want the Southern states to seced
  • Kentucky senator John J. Crittenden proposed some constitutional ammendments
  • Lincoln and the Republican senators said no to the plan
  • Lincoln inaugurated - March 4, 1861
  • Lincoln said he would not let the South leave but did not want a war
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