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What is the difference between China clothes and Thailand clothes?

Chinese and Thai clothes

compare and contrast paragraph

The difference between Thai clothes and China clothes is China clothes the wear the color red and yellow. The poor people wear the color blue or black. China clothes is called Yat-sen Suit. China clothes is made out of hemp and it is made fancey. China clothes is made hundreds of year ago. Thailand clothes is called Chut Thai. They wear the color red on god of sunday (surya). They wear yellow for the king’s birthday. Thailand clothes is made out from linen some time made from wool, nylon, leather, and fur. The same about Thailand clothes and China clothes is they are both made from silk and they both are clothes that you can wear.

How to make gyoza

These are gyoza from China.

sequence paragraph

There is two kinds of gyoza I am going to show you how to make it the first one you have to put meat in it, second use the mixture to mix in the center of wipper, third put Chinese soup and dump it, fourth put pork and crab if you want to put it, finally the fifth step, put steamy ki in to it. This is the next gyoza the first step is put sealed together with crimped edges, second put garlic or flavour in it, third put lighmtly favoured in it, fourth put soy in it, finally, fifth step put salt in it and you are done with your gyoza.

I want to know about the first Emperor in China

description paragraph

prince Zheng emperor of china

The emperor it’s name is prince Zheng. He was born in 259 BC. Prince Zheng was born in the year 1,371. Prince Zheng father is the king of Qin state. Prince Zheng was born in 7 major divided states. Prince Zheng learned the China history and learn how to fight in war. Prince Zheng ‘s old father died in the year 1,381 that is when he was thirteen years old. Prince Zheng’s old father was 37. Prince Zheng made a war in the day January 11. In the year 1,833. Prince Zheng ended the war in the day May 29. In the year 1,898. Prince Zheng die in the year 1,433 or 1,435.


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