Darwins voyage

In 1835 on February 20 a earthquake hit Valdivia where Darwin was. Through this earthquake Darwin discovered that the earth was very old and discovered that due to the earthquake some of the land forms had risen.

On September 16, 1835 Darwin landed in the north east in of Chatham. There he was studying the giant tortoises and to took 10 plants back on the ship with him along with the 18 tortoises.

On January 16, 1836 Darwin went to Bathurst, New South Whales. He went about 130 miles inland and along the way he found the platypus and new wildlife. He them started living on his farm just a bit outside of Sydney Australia.

Bathurst South New Whales

On April 1, 1836 Darwin traveled to Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean. He was amazied with all the coconut trees. He saw that there was barely anything living On the island. He found a lot of different types of coral and concluded that it used to be part of a coral reef

On June 8 1836 the beagle arrived at Helena Islands. Darwin spent 5 days here and saw that the island was mostly rocky. He saw lava rocks and studied the geology of the island. This was one of the last stops on his voyage.


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