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The Lion, they never give up on hunting for their prey, kind of like Thomas here. Thomas knew their was a way out and he kept looking and looking until he found the way out. So the Lion and Thomas both pursue and continue the things they are trying to do. So my song is The Greatest " Sia"
" Change will not come if we wait for some other time. We are the change that we seek". This quote from Barack Obama is goes for Thomas because he did not wait for the change he took charge and put matter in his own hands.
Thomas, he is a curious boy and who came to the Glade a few days ago and already has been disliked by other people. Since Thomas has been there things have been changing. As Thomas gets to know more and more about the Glade and the Maze , he wants to get out of there, cause he knows they cant stay there forever so he needs to find a way out. Get some people on his side to get out of there before they all die. So Thomas is curious, and trying to lead them all out. Thomas is a good leader, and he likes to interact with other people even if he may not know them.
So its getting late almost time for the doors to the maze to close, but Minho and Alby aren't back yet. So they all wait by the doors for the remaining minutes that the doors are opened. Everyone questioning where are, why aren't they back yet. As the doors begin to close , Minho pops out of the corner , but he is carrying Alby on his shoulder. Everyone is in shock the doors getting closer and closer , Minho falls down and takes Alby down with him, everyone is getting nervous. The doors barely apart now, Thomas runs in the Maze, as everyone says no Thomas. and now at this point the doors are closed. To sum it up Thomas ties Alby up on wall with branches and leaves surrounding him so Grievors couldn't see him. Thomas and Minho spend most of the night running from grieors.
Thomas kills one and they get out of the maze in the morning with Alby everyone waiting for them and when they see them they are in major shock. So Thomas has a story to tell.

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