Post-Test Analysis

Course: ENGR 1020 Test Date:4?17/2017

Predicted Grade: 80-85 Actual Grade: 92 % of Total Grade: 10

Exam Preparation Details

I would at least 30 minutes a day doing work to get ready for this exam. Things i would do is homework and extra practice exams. I also did was go to UTA hours twice or more a week if i need help with my homework. Otherwise i would learn from class and doing work over and over.

ENGR 1020 Exam 3 Grading Rubric
Post-Test Analysis Question

Study and Test-taking Plan

I plan to do the same thing that i did for this exam for the next one. When it came to the taking the test i believe I kept i cool head and did well. I even had time to check my work to see if I made mistakes. I going to make sure i kn ow where to find the buttons and know the equations that i need to put in for my next exam. The learning technique that I will use is basically just exposed myself to the info and be able to remember it by muscle memory.


This exercise help me realize mistakes i make on testes and what can happen from results of studying. With this wealth of information I can now put this with my other class to see how i can get a better memory of the materials in my other classes. I also can prepare for the next assessment way more better with this info.

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