cyber buylling by jackson

stop cyber bulling

Stop Cyber-bullying

Cyber-bullying is not cool. Thousands of teenagers are being hurt by this. This is one of the most biggest forms of being bullied. Cyber-bullying has led some teenagers to run away and even suicide. So how can we stop this?

Cyberbully…There is thousands and thousands of teenagers who are being affected by cyber-bullying.

What is Cyber-bullying? It is one of the biggest forms of bullying, cyber-bullying is abusive language. Teenagers can only get cyber-bullied if they have social media or some sort of texting.

We need to stop cyber-bullying. It is causing teenagers to suicide, run away from their homes and depression. Depression is a really horrible thing. Not doing anything with their young lives. This can lead to severe depression which leads to suicide.

So, we need to stop this now before another life is lost to cyber-bullying.

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