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Series: What We Learn From Each Other

Through his life on earth, Jesus taught a lot about how we interact with our fellow humans, whether that is our family, our friends, our neighbors, or people we have never met. It is often easy to live out Jesus’ teachings in relationships with people that we like. But what about people that we think are difficult? Do we love them enough to learn their story, to find out what about them makes our relationship with them difficult? In this series, we will be exploring six virtues from the gospels that will help us discover how to learn from people who we think are difficult instead of trying to fix them.

Message: "To Listen First"• Pastor Jason • James 1:19-20, 26

There is a deep longing in all of our hearts to be heard, seen, and understood. But we are often so busy trying to project our thoughts, opinions, and desires into the world, that we become deaf to the things people around us are thinking, feeling, and experiencing. In James 1, Jesus teaches us that by reorienting our heart to listen first, we can connect with people better than we ever have before.

Join us for church outdoors at Evergreen at 10AM!

If you are unable to join us, you can use this link to join us virtually through Zoom. We are using the same link each week: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86799658645

Can't make church at 10AM?

Welcome to our guided worship collection. In these links, you will find songs, scripture, and a message from current weeks, and also weeks past. All of this content will be matched up with the worship that we will be doing together on Sunday mornings. We understand that gathering together at a certain time, whether that be in person or on Zoom, isn't always realistic for everyone, but we also believe in the importance of participating in worship regularly and consistently. We hope that this provides a space for you to worship God regularly and consistently in the times we can't be gathered together.

Are you looking for ways to connect gospel stories with your kids at a time when normal childhood programming isn't available? Check out our family activity guide, which has simple and easy activities that make it easy to communicate the truths of the gospels to your kids!

Giving at Evergreen

Evergreen is working hard to continue to care well for our church and our community. Like many businesses, families, and organizations, the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus put churches in a difficult financial situation. If you would like to give financially in the weeks in which we are unable to gather, you can do so by clicking this button:

4 Corners Offering

Back in January, through our corners offering, we were able to financially support the work that The ARC Project does in West Michigan. For this series, we have the opportunity to partner with the ARC Project in their desire to support other organizations who are making an impact in our community. For the next 6 weeks, we will be partnering with the ARC Project in collecting 300 backpacks. These backpacks will then distributed to Boys and Girls Club and United in Christ Ministries. Backpacks can be dropped off in the office at Evergreen.

We will also continue to collect cans and bottles if you have them to help support the work that Boys and Girls Club and United in Christ ministries are doing! If you have returnable bottles and cans piling up, save them and drop them off at Evergreen by Door 1. If you can't swing on by, let us know and we would be happy to pick them up. Please contact Laura Male (laura@egm.org) with any questions!

Evergreen Spotlight

We have just completed our 11th year of our high school internship program! Our internship program aims to help high school students grow in their leadership and discipleship skills so they can continue to make a difference in their communities. Our interns had the opportunity to spend time together as a team serving and adventuring together. We are so grateful for them and their willingness to grow together this summer. Check out a video recap of their internship below.

Evergreen Conversations

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Sunday evening Recovery services are cancelled indefinitely. Bridge to Life groups and 12-Step meetings are back to meeting onsite at Evergreen. Click the buttons below if you need to be connected to a group. You can contact tom@egm.org with any questions.

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