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MLK Luis Ochoa

Martin Luther King Jr was born January 15 1929 in Atlanta Georgia his parents where Martin Luther Senior and Alberta Williams King At a young age MLK Went to church very often and took over a small struggling Evenezer Baptist Church .Mlk Believed that Racism was Wrong and throughout his life he worked to destroy it and he is well known for doing just that He. He fought racism with peaceful protest for long periods of time. He did this because he was very much inspired by Gandhi who fought for freedom in India Peacefully.his is also extremely known for his I have a dream speech with finally brought people together and everyone could be work in unison. MLKs journey to abolish racism was hard and his house was even burned down just to prove a point That was only because he boycotted and weary on strike. MLK even worked with the president at the time to help but they both were assasinated shortly after MLK was Killed when he was standing outside of his apartment he was shot and never lived to see the end of what he started.MLK Died April 4 1968

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