FRAMURA mon amour

" Liguria. The sea in your hair; the scent of summer in your veines, and bougainville in your eyes."

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

Framura Coast has the typical characteristics of Riviera Ligure di Levante, with its succession of small beaches and rocks dropping from the cliffs to the sea, making it unique from a landscape point of view. You can lie on the beach; you can do an excursion by boat, maybe together with the fishermen leaving with their nets; you can swim in calm and crystal blue water, or dive to discover the treasures of our territory.
The best way to get to Framura is to catch a train towards La Spezia, then a "regionale veloce" or an Intercity for the Cinque Terre. You don't want to stop there, though . . .
Framura is past the Cinque terre, at the end of the trail: last, but definitely NOT least!

Framura is the real pearl. Just don't be hasty! Savour its magic.

Framura "foliage"

Get off the train at Bonossola, buy some local Ligurian focaccia from one of the bakeries or food shops around the corner of its caruggi, the characteristic and narrow shady alleys of the Ligurian vernacular.

From Levanto to Framura (through Bonassola) you can walk or cycle through 8 km of the dismissed tunnels of the old railway, inside which the temperature in summer stays below 20 ° C.
Plenty of light at the end of tunnel

Cool down inside while enjoying the bright patches of sunlight and deep blue that enfold before your eyes on your left.

Framura resembles a sort of six-tier cake, each revealing a neighborood of magical Ligurian taste! Its "carrugi" (the characteristic and narrow shady alleys of the Ligurian Riviera), cheered by the laughters of kids.
Kids in Setta

The train drops you off at Ca' di mare, you can then go straight for a dip by simply underpassing the railway, down the stairs, or you can start climbing (better use the verb a s c e n d i n g, that for gods) towards Anzo. Next is Ravecca, then Setta (site of the Town Hall) and finally Costa, with its ancient watch tower, and Castagnola

Little village of Anzo

A characteristic corner of Setta.

View from Ravecca

Below a taste of my photo album which includes shots I took over the ten years of my devotion to this temple of beauty.

The hundreds shades of blue at Torsei
Porto Pidocchio beach
Inside the tunnel connecting Bonassola with framura.
A winter sunset
Graffiti in Setta
Harvest season (new EVO on the way!)
View from my window
My morning jogging
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