When you do the hard things first, you give yourself the opportunity to win.

Many of you are on track to win big this Quarter.

AFame and Fame keep you focused on the most important metrics to drive your sales and bonus.

In 2016 this focus put $664,171 in this associate and coordinator teams pockets just her in FL-C.

Rewards come to those who put in the effort every day. Remember you can never cheat the grind.

We know you want to make Costa Rica, Hawaii and Aruba for 2017.

For you to win you must ask yourself one question, Are you doing the Hard Things First?

You can make it happen and you have 10 big weeks to get it on report. When the sun sets will you win or will you miss it by just 1 extra call, 1 person who was looking for an opportunity but you didn't ask? Opportunity is all around you, go find it and make it your win!

Congratulations to our week 15 Leaders

  • Adam Montgomery for hitting Fireball
  • Matt Moore for Bronze Star

Jerry, Chris and Scott for being Quota Busters

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