Cases Report Case: Anna Garcia

Intro: After three months of Anna's case being investigated. She found at the crime scene on the floor bleeding from her head. Before she died the previous morning Anna was walking for dog in the morning. The weather was 92F in a summer morning. An emergency call was made at 9:45am. The neighbor was worried about her and called the Police. That morning there was a heat wave she was wearing a sweater during this. Doug then later tried to call her phone but no one answered. After he went to her door and rang the doorbell but no one answered the door. The police informed the EMT they arrived at 9:56am. The front door had to be broken for the EMT to enter. Once the Door was broken down Anna was lying on the ground , she was siad to be dead at scene by the EMT. After that my team got informed and then went to the crime scene with also a medical examiner.

This fingerprint was found at the crime scene. This fingerprint belongs to Alex Garcia. His fingerprint was found on a wine on glass found at the crime scene.
This evidence was found at the crime scene. This hair belongs to Anna .
The unknown substance at the crime scene was aspirin.
From this evidence we can tell the blood fell from her table 90 degrees.

Ana's blood was found at the crime scene. This means she was not attacked.

Ana died at 7:00 in the morning. She had been dead for 4 hours when the police arrived.

Conclusion: From this evidence Ana death was an accident.She hit her head on the table from which the blood fell from. She wasn't attacked by anyone. The blood found at the crime scene belong to Ana. Alex Garcia was at the crime scene but the night before her death. Hair was found at the scene but that belonged to Ana so, Ericka and Lucy weren't at the crime scene. The unknown substance was aspirin.


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