Paint Grade 11 edition

Painting is an integral part of Art culture. Some of the first artworks found were the wall paintings at Lascaux, France. They're estimated to be almost 20,000 years old! WOW! Unfortunately, they are slowly being destroyed and steps are being have to be taken to help them survive. This artwork was not discovered until the 1940's. What kind of impact might it have had if it was found earlier? Perhaps we will never know, but I am sure that your next artwork will not be hidden anywhere underground.

The Lascaux caves were painted in a specific location, which makes it impossible for transporting, and more difficult to work. You can only imagine how difficult it may have been to paint the Sistine Chapel!

We are going to be creating a painting over the next few weeks. There will be a number of tasks to complete along the way for this project. They are listed here:

  • demonstrate colour mixing in a "paint value scale" style artwork of your choice
  • list 5 of your main concerns in society
  • create a bank of information about your #1 concern on Pinterest
  • a rough drawing page with a minimum of 5 painting ideas
  • a painting that is a reflection, or a response to societal issues
  • document your process using photos, or videos
  • submit a Spark page that includes all of your work
  • create an artist statement for your artwork
Paint Value Scales

Start by browsing my Pinterest board "Paint Value Scales". Find yourself an original way to demonstrate your colour mixing abilities (new, or old). You will be painting on small canvas from Dollarama. This is meant to be a FAST learning task. Work quickly, and do not spend too much time "brainstorming", "looking for ideas", or "researching".

Chuck Close said it best: "Inspiration is for amateurs. I just get to work".

Follow these instructions the rest of the way. Reference a video or two if you need help colour mixing, stretching canvas, or how to clean your brushes.

Our school is going to be contributing to Peel's Art Show 'Walk The Art', which has a dedicated theme. If this is the case, your theme has already been decided for you.

If you're ever doubting yourself, Bob Ross will lift your spirits.


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