All Campus Appeal Bladen community college foundation

When I was asked to help with this kick off, my wheels started turning and the excitement started building. Soon, my excitement started to fade into a bit of fear and questions. What am I going to do, talking in front of others, what can I possibly offer to help. Soon I realized, no matter what plans were started, nothing was coming together.

Then last night it hit me, what I always try to teach my students. Follow your passions because excitement will not always be there long enough. It will take something much deeper inside you, to keep you going when times are not easy.

So I asked my self a few questions

  • How can I enncourage you for the "All Campus Appeal"?
  • What keeps me passionate, when everything seems to be crashing in and the excitement can no longer be found?
  • And so many more question, you don't even want to hear.

How can I encourage you in the "All Campus Appeal"?

I don't think I can, but what I can do is share my thoughts on why it's important to me

So When you reach deep inside, what do you find?

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