College Roommates: How Living Situations Aren't Always the Same Caitlin Carnes


Clemson University often advertises Clemson Family and how wonderful the students of the university fit together in a perfect puzzle, with different types of people making the puzzle complete. But Clemson University's audience rarely, if ever, hear of the problems that take place on the university's campus. As a freshman I have experienced a horrid living situation, and what it takes to be removed from the situation, as well as a few of my friends. This issue affects the entire Clemson on campus living community in a large and sometimes negative way, and we will find our answers.

Research question

What about Clemson University's roommate matching system is problematic in matching compatible roommates?

What is Clemson University doing to fix the roommate matching system situation?

What is Clemson University doing for the students who are stuck in bad roommate situations due to the failing system?

Literature Reviewed

After reading the video that I have included, I was able to conclude that two college students who live completely different lifestyles, can sometimes be stuck together. These students are expected to mesh and it often times does not work. As you could see in the video, one side of the room was the polar opposite of the other side and neither side had reached middle ground. Students at Clemson University often complain of these problems and say that they wish there was an easy fix.

research plans

To investigate my question further I will complete a series of different types of research to gather the opinions of former Clemson students, present Clemson students, and students at other universities. In order to gather the opinions of the people listed above I will create a questionnaire and find volunteers who will participate in answering my questions. I plan to investigate the process of changing living situations further by interviewing the Clemson University housing director. In my research I will also include my personal journey through my living situation and the steps I had to take to be removed.

Key challenges

Some of the key challenges I expect to face is my questions for Clemson University's housing director being answered in a roundabout way or not being answered at all. I will address these problems by stating that I am not the only student who wants answers and that if they will not give them to me then I will go and investigate what others have to say about Clemson University's failure to answer questions about the systems of the housing department and to infer the reasoning for this lack of response.


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