How Dr Pepper Affected Texas By Noah Jarrett

In the 1880s, Charles Alderton invented Dr Pepper in a small pharmacy store in Waco, Texas.

Ingredients in Dr Pepper

Some of the main ingredients include sugar, carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, cherry and many more!

Alderton created Dr Pepper by mixing different syrups until he found the one his customers liked.

Dr Pepper tastes sweet and spicy.

Did you know Dr Pepper is also manufactured in Longview, Fort Worth, Dallas, and Waco?

The purpose of Dr Pepper back then was to help soothe sore throat because of the special mixture of syrups.

Today, Dr Pepper is the number two soda only to Coke-a-Cola

Also one way Dr Pepper promoted their sales when sales were low was by saying"Dr Pepper is the only soda that can be enjoyed cold or hot".

This picture shows what the old logo looked like when Dr Pepper first started in Waco, Texas.

This was the first advertising logo for Dr Pepper back in 1885.

The State Fair of Texas

Dr Pepper debuted at the State Fair of Texas in 1920.

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Noah Jarrett


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