Tele-Gum Go everywhere, anywhere, anytime!

This little piece of gum is indeed guaranteed to take you wherever you want, whenever you want based on each unique flavor!

Our Blue Bizzle and Strawberry Snizzle, our most popular flavor, takes you to the beach!

It can take you to areas such as the Beach, the Red Carpet, Hollywood, and even back to your own bed for simple prices ranging from $2.99 to $10.99!


Our flavors range from selections like Peach Bedazzle, Jazzy Raspberry, Blue Bizzle and Strawberry Snizzle, and our special edition Rainbow-Ristic!

Our special edition Rainbow-Ristic gum can take you ANYWHERE you please in the blink of an eye for only $10.99!

"How Did We Do It?"

We use only the most pure and all-natural ingredients to make this gum! We take the sweetest rock minerals from the core and bind them with our everlasting sugars and built in teleporters (don't worry, they're meant to be edible!) that make the magic happen, and take you to wherever you please to go. 100% guaranteed!

Though, we advise you to be careful and to NOT EAT MORE THAN ONE PIECE AT A TIME! This can lead to hallucinations, random cramps and nausea, and major sleepwalking in dangerous places.

"Why Does Our Product Exist?"

We strive to build not only the easiest, but the most reliable way of getting you 'Everywhere, Anywhere, Anytime!' People will always have trouble anytime in their life, so what do you need in that time of suffering? A vacation! We guarantee a safe, luxurious visit to wherever you want to go, and back!

"Who is this product made for?"

Why, this product has no limits to people who are wise enough to take it! It's targeted towards those poor people who really need their time off whether it's from work, traffic, arguing, or just someone or some people annoying you! We hope to keep you as satisfied as possible for as long as possible!

Though, it is strongly advised to keep out of reach of children 12 and below.

With every piece of gum you purchase, half of the money goes to a new product we are constructing to get rid of illness and cancer to poor patients in need.

Our new product will heal patients, especially with cancer, and give them new, better lives.

For more info, call 1-800-255-GUM or visit for more details.



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