Criminal Justice and technology in the courtroom

  • Criminal Justice is is the system in which crimes and criminals are detected, detained, tried and punished
  • it involves a defense attorney, a prosecuting attorney, a jury, and a judge. The jury is the one who ultimately decides the fate of the criminal
  • New technology is wanting to be brought in to the courtroom, to be able to put jurors right there on the crime scene, so there is no confusion in an explanation

This Video explains how jurors could be put in the crime scene and how they can experience realistic aspects of the scenario

  • New technology may soon be incorporated in the courtroom, if VR can work its way into the court system
  • Two major projects are wanting to bring the jurors to the actual crime scene, but without actually ever leaving the courtroom

New technological changes may be coming to this courtroom very soon

Lawyers are wanting to use Virtual Reality Headsets to bring jurors to the crime scene

A rough view of what it would look like to be in a crime scene via Vr headset

  • Bringing jurors to the courtroom may make it easier for jurors to make a decision on a person's verdict
  • This may also lessen the confusion some may have about spoken depictions made by lawyers and give them a clearer vision
  • Images of the crime scene would be captured by a robot inspired by the Mars rover Curiosity

The Mars Rover Curiosity, which was one of the inspirations for a robot that can photograph crime scenes

inspiration for a 360 camera being used for filming crime scenes

another inspiration for a 360 camera

  • Virtual Reality in the courtroom is not a completely new concept, however
  • In 1992 a lawsuit was filed against Honda about the safety of their vehicle
  • Honda recreated the accident from the drivers point of view, ultimately swaying the jurors decision

The outlook for jobs in law are set to grow overall 7% by 2024 and more specifically the job of being a lawyer is projected to grow 6%. This means more and more lawyers are going to be needed, which means that they are going to have to start coming up with new ways to put criminals in jail, or defend their case.

I chose Criminal Justice, because I would like to become a Prosecuting Attorney, who basically gets to put criminals in jail. i think this is a very important issue because too many people are walking away free when they have committed serious crimes because they are given a bad description of what really happened, so I think that with the help of Virtual reality, it will give jurors a more clear vision and representation of what really happened, so they can make the right choice


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