An Happy-Life Home Audrey Nickner Gr-19

"The Veldt is a short story written by American author Ray Bradburn. In the story, two children solve their disappointment with their parents by escaping to a simulated grassland that proves all too real."

I'll describe what is a perfect "Happy-Life" Home, for me.

#1 A perfect "Happy-Life" Home need a pool for the summer. But, a pool that is maneged by itself. So, it won't have problem with the water and all stuff like that. No one will need to made some tests with the water or something else. The pool come with a robot who made all the stuff.

#2 A Happy-Life Home absolutely need a garage. A garage with all the stools that we need. Also, some place for our cars. But, the perfect one stand by itself. I'm sure that all mommy will be happy for that! Seriously, that's what we all need in our garage.

#3 A little extra for our Happy-Life, a car lift in our garage. But wait…

#4 When the kids play outside… What about a car lift parking? Just because… What is worse than a bike scratch on the side of a car? Our car.

#5 A perfect kitchen. With all the stuff we need when we cook. For example, we cook and we need salt, we just need to say "Salt, please." Then, a "robotic arm" give us the salt.

#6 A home theater. What if we just need to name the movie that we want to watch and listen it for free? It will be magic. At least if we have the time…

#7 In our kitchen, what if we can have an oven that heats and cooks our meals to perfection. But itself. So no more problems for dad when mom is not at home.

I can say more and more things about an "Happy-Life" home, but I'll stop here. Just because I have my 300 words and more, you know. So, in conclusion, I think that with all the things that I said in an house, our life would be less difficult.


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