The Women's Coordinating Council presents the Vagina Monologues by Richelle Kessell

The Vagina Monologues are a series of stories from various women through their ages about rape, abuse, and the stigma surrounding the sexuality of women. The Women's Coordinating Council of the University of Tennessee put on the production on February 10th and 11th.
The monologues started off with Celeste Pelletier performing "Hair," a story about infidelity and a woman having to shave to please her husband.
Next came the story of a 80 year old woman, reluctant to talk about her "down theres."
The 80 year old, played by Chauncey Whitlock, told the audience that if her vagina could talk it would say "Closed due to Flooding" because of an incident of a boy being grossed out in her teens.
Five performers demonstrated the different ages through a transgenders eyes in "They Beat the Girl Out of My Boy."
Crystal-Marie Alberson jumped away when the man in the story liked to look at it.
Cresa Lenox channeled her angry vagina's thoughts about thongs, tampons, and pap smears in a hilarious monologue that had the whole audience laughing.
Hannah Simpson bundled up and withdrew from the crowd against the violations her character suffered through.
After thinking her "Little Coochi Snorcher" was a bad thing, one girl embraced her sexuality in a lesbian relationship.
An audience member was brought into the play to spell out C-U-N-T while Cat Wilkinson danced around reclaiming the C word.
Emerald Wright demonstrated the different types of moans that are important to a woman embracing her sexuality.
Meg Sutherland did the playwrite, Eve Ensler's, monologue on childbirth and how the vagina was like a heart, opening up with plenty of love.
The play ended as it began with a call for revolution.
The Women's Coordinating Council raised $702 for the Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee and the V-Day movement.

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