Pumpkins & Ornamentals Season MERCHANDISING your outdoor space

Outdoor pumpkin merchandising/fall displays are fun and simple to do, yet they add some serious fall swagger to your stores and departments.

These displays bring that "farm feel" directly to your store front and add color and life to sometimes otherwise empty areas. When most people think of produce, pumpkins are not at the top of their list, but they truly are tremendous impulse purchases and very low risk shrink items.

Check out these ideas on making your pumpkin displays successful!

An absolutely gorgeous display of fall ornamentals!

If you don't have room outside, small vestibule displays can make a difference as well. Add life and make a difference!

Hard Squash and Apples are great items to merchandise outside in your fall display.

Varietal pumpkins, such as Fairy Tale, Cinderella, White, and Peanut, add a lot of diversity to your displays.

More and more people are decorating with these types of pumpkins than ever before.

Be sure to include mini pumpkins, baby boos, and gourds are also great to have for the kids.

Talk to your Merchandiser for tips and suggestions for your outdoor displays!

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