Hello! I'm here to tell you about the elephant

What it is

Of course you might have already knew what an elephant is a long time ago. But I am going to tell you about its habitat.


An African Elephant lives in a biome known as grasslands. It can have immense temperature change from summer to winter. In the summer the temperature can easily be higher than 100 degrees fahrenheit. But in the winter the temperature can be as low as -40 fahrenheit.

this is the grasslands and the elephants


Elephants are herbivores which means they only eat plants and no meat at all. they eat plants, Roots, grass, fruit, and bark. In the food chain they belong at the top of the food chain because there aren't any animals big enough to eat an elephant. An adult elephant can consume 200-600 lbs. of vegetation in 1 day. Elephants can eat this much because they are big and also because they spend 12-18 hours (80%) of their day eating. Their favorite food is bark from the trees. Bark is good for them because it contains calcium and roughage. Roughage helps them with digestion.

this is the baby and big elephant


Elephants get their water from rivers and lakes. The get the water by using their very long trunk to smell the water because usually there is not much water in the Sahara Desert where they live. They know exactly how far the water is using their trunk's sense of smell. When they reach the water they drink the water by using their trunk to suck the water into their trunk and spray it into their mouth to drink the water. They can drink up to 50 gallons a day which is as much as an average bathtub.

this elephant is beside the water


This is a herd of elephants.
  • The elephants scientific name is Loxodonta
  • elephants only 4 hours of sleep
  • elephants sleep lying down
  • elephants have 5 toes on each foot
  • African elephants have 5 nails on the front feet and 4 nails on the back feet
  • elephants can swim by moving their 4 feet
  • elephants dive by using their trunk as a snorkel
  • an elephants trunk has over 40,000 muscles


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