You're invited! Stay connected to K-State through an Alumni Club or Catbacker Club - find one in a town near you!

K-Staters are everywhere...

And we love how you help us spread purple pride across the globe!

Every year, the K-State Alumni Association brings a little bit of that Wildcat magic closer to you, with our annual Alumni Club and Catbacker Club events.

Click the link below to see if there's an Alumni Club or Catbacker Club near you, or keep scrolling to learn more about what our Alumni Clubs and Catbacker Clubs offer!

What is a K-State Alumni Club?

Our Alumni Clubs bring K-State alumni and friends together for social outings, to promote K-State and connect alumni to their alma mater. We have clubs all across the world!

Clubs host a variety of activities, ranging from potlucks to ice cream socials (like the Wichita, Kansas, event pictured here!) to game day watch parties.

Alumni Club gatherings also give you a chance to catch up with K-State news and chat with special guests, like K-State administrators.

What is a Catbacker Club?

Catbacker Clubs are co-sponsored by K-State Athletics and the K-State Alumni Association.

Catbacker members and clubs contribute to the Ahearn Fund and help increase awareness of and support for K-State Athletic programs.

If you love K-State Sports, why not see if there's a Catbacker Club close to you?

Club events are for Wildcats of all ages...

Thanks to the generosity of our clubs, we’re also able to support the next generation of K-Staters through scholarships.

We hope to see you at a club event soon!