For over 25 years we've been The Team Behind the Scenes, the go-to production resource for some of the most creative companies in the world. We help our clients develop solid communications strategies and implement challenging marketing events around the globe. From virtual events and product launch events to business meetings and experiential events, we forge indelible bonds between brands and people of all kinds.

Our commitment to our client's best interests sets us apart, which is why we enjoy client relationships which span 5, 10, and even 20+ years.

All of this event experience really does translate to the virtual world. We match the virtual platform to the project, weighing creative, communications goals, schedule, and budget to select the right tool for the job. From small production teams stretching Zoom's capabilities to the limit, to multiple panels involving dozens of panelists and a full switching system and live stage in a production studio, we help our clients navigate this brave new world.

It takes a creative company to market movies that don't exist yet. Consumer Products teams are usually the first to market a film, getting licensees and promotional partners on board before there's any footage to show. We stage events that speak to the heart and potential of a film, launching some of the biggest franchises in the business.

Over a 17 year period we've produced over 25 Hall H Panels and major events at San Diego ComicCon, with multiple panels under our belts at New York ComicCon and CCXP in Sao Paulo. We know the Con.

In addition to producing dealer meetings around the world for MINI and BMW, we launched the MINI brand in North America. Five days of experiences in London to help dealers ingest MINI's new brand identity were followed 18 months later with a brand launch extravaganza in San Francisco. Over a 23 day period we staged reveal meetings, business meetings, sales training, ride and drives, and entertaining gatherings for dealers, staff, and press. LETS MOTOR.

We don't advertise, and we don't have sales reps. We rely on repeat business and heartfelt referrals when marketers and event planners call trusted contacts and ask "who do you rely on for...". Below we feature logos for many of our long-time clients, but in many cases we ran out of room for all of the division logos: 24 divisions at Warner Bros. and 10 at Sony Pictures.

At Route 66 Productions our content and events don't have a corporate style; they reflect the identity of our clients. Creative, innovative companies. Multi-year relationships.

That's what makes us The Team Behind the Scenes.