Brianna Van Deursen My ethnic Background

On my dad's side of the family, They are German/Dutch descent, while my mom's side of the family is more English associated. My dad's grandpa was born and raised in Germany, which is where our last name comes from. On the other hand, my mom's family Has been in the U.S. for as far back as I have learned.
Because of my mom's side of the family being from the South Georgia area, they tend to be more close-minded to different views and different ideas, while my dad's side of the family, being from more urban areas, tend to have more open minded views.
The religion throughout my family is of the Christian faith. While my mom's side of the family (and now my dad) are southern baptist, my dad's parents and sister have always attended non-denominational churches.
being christians and living by faith could possibly Mean different in our family than others may think. We believe that our values and view of right and wrong come straight from the bible and this shapes every aspect of our lives, including our view on marriage, political views, the model of the family, our moral compass, etc.
My parents did teach me about Jesus Christ's sacrifice, God's love for me, and God's expectations of how I'm supposed to live, but they also let me learn, read, and form those opinions on my own. While I know they wouldn't approve if I was to choose to believe differently, I also know that they would still love me and would pray that I decide to come back to the life the Lord has planned for me.

Because of our beliefs, we aren't usually considered "politically correct" this day in age and tend to be looked at as judgmental, hypocritical, close-minded, or stuck in the past. My family, though, chooses to love people through our differences in beliefs. We don't have to agree with other opinions, but we still choose to love and show the love of Christ through the way we interact with others.

my family celebrates all of the holidays known as pagan holidays. Christmas, thanksgiving, easter, etc. this also stems back to our faith as the reason we celebrate these holidays.
When it comes to the food we eat, we don't have a certain type of ethnic food that we generally have in our family. We cook a variety of foods, from fried chicken (my favorite), to Italian dishes, and from Mexican meals, to American cuisines.
WHile I am very open to listening to any types of music, my family generally sticks to country, gospel, or christian music. at the same time, I do have certain types of music that I will not listen to like punk rock and opera.
I believe that education is key to success, whether it's academic education, life education, or vocational. Many teachers are in education for the wrong reasons, whether it is wanting holidays and summers off, just wanting to coach a sport, or thinking it's not a challenging job.

I'm pursuing a career in education because I believe more than anything that students need a role model; students need somebody that they can talk to, somebody that they can relate to and somebody that will tell them that there is another way of life, there is hope, and there is a way out of the situations that they are in. If I can just impact ONE life in my entire career, it would all be worth it. I CAN'T WAIT to be 10 years down the road. I hope to be in a good school environment, teaching health to high school students. I also want to be coaching basketball, softball, or track, or all 3. I see myself with a husband and kids and probably tons of dogs. I'm so excited about these PPB classes and can't wait to see how much more excited I will be about my future career whenever they are over.

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