Elijah collins Welcome to America

My name is Elijah collins

I was born in Michigan

I live in Pontiac ,Michigan

My nationality is African American

I speak English

My favorite foods are collard greens,fried chicken, and pork chops. That's all called soul food because when African Americans were slaves this is the food they ate, so they said "let's make this food famous". Now the food I told you about has there souls in it but not like your eating souls, it's just a figure of speech. They put a lot of love into making it. That's why it's called soul food.

The emancipation proclamation is a piece of paper that Abraham Lincoln signed and then the slave people were free!

This is God. I love, love, love God do you?

This is stain glass window, you can find stained glass in churches

Wow, that's a big church. Did you know that when you go to church you worship God and that's good

Well I hope you know all about my culture!!


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