Snow Leopard BY. Audrey J. & Darin h.

A Snow Leopard is in the Big Cat Family. Its fur is white and grey marble coat with black spots all around.

Snow leopards are found in Central Asia and need meat and a cold environment to survive. If its body gets too warm, it will overheat and die.

Snow Leopards are going extinct because hunters are illegally killing it for pelts (fur) and clothing.

Most Snow Leopards will not survive, and will have hunters after them for most of their lives, if they can be protected. These hunters are also killing the sheep and goats of their habitat, eliminating the Snow Leopard´s food supply.

What we are doing to prevent them from going extinct is to prevent hunters from killing them and their prey and protecting their habitat and stopping habitat loss.

The Snow Leopards are going extinct because of humans and we need to protect them because there are only 3,500 - 7,000 left in the world. We´re the ones to cause it, we need to be the ones to fix it.


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