La Llorona

Setting: Mexico

Characters: Maria, a wealthy soldier, and two boys

Pliot summary: Maria, AKA "La Llorona", also known as the "weeping woman" was a beautiful woman. She married a wealthy soldier that was handsome, could sing, and could play the guitar. They eventually got married, and had two sons. They were a happy family for some time, until the wealthy soldier eventually kept leaving Maria for months. Whenever the soldier came back, he would come back only to see his two sons and hardly pay any attention to Maria. Maria would feel jealousy towards her sons. One day, Maria was walking along the river with her two sons and the wealthy soldier passed by in a carriage, and sitting next to him was another woman. The soldier stopped to see his sons, and didn't pay no attention to Maria. Maria was filled with rage and threw her sons into the river. After realizing what she had done, she went after them, desperately reaching for them and crying out for them. The next morning, Maria was found dead by the river, and ever since people have stated that they have seen a women crying out for her children, wandering the streets in a white gown.

Symbols and archetypes: Maria is a symbol for a bad mother who doesn't treat her kids right.

Meaning of the folktale: A mother should always put her kids first.

Significance: It tells kids not to be outside late at night.

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