Awate Vastine Hakim Class of 2018 - "LIGHT OF THE NATION"

My Background

  • I am 19 years old
  • I am from Yei Village, in Central Equatoria, South Sudan
  • I am a member of the Kakwa tribe
  • My family lives in the refugee settlement in Adjumani, Uganda
  • My biggest challenge has been losing my father

My Story

The last time I saw my parents was October 14, 2016. We were living in the refugee settlement in Adjumani, Uganda, along with 170,000 other South Sudanese refugees. I am very proud of my family and it has been a big challenge dealing with the loss of my father. I heard about LASS through an announcement by a pastor in Calvert Chapel, and now that I am here. I would describe LASS as being unique for its spiritual life. The education at LASS is teaching me how to advance my career development while making sure I am centered on Jesus Christ. Aside from the discipleship class, my core subjects are history, entrepreneurship and religious studies. Like many of my classmates I love singing gospel music, reading the bible, and like all 19 year olds, watching movies. My favorite sport is playing volleyball with my schoolmates.

I would like to become a journalist so I can identify and share developments happening in South Sudan and spread information to the South Sudanese people and the rest of the world.
My vision is to be an agent of change through advocacy, and if I was president I would fight tribalism and nepotism.

My Vision For the Future

  • I will graduate from LASS in December 2018
  • I hope to achieve my dream of being a journalist
  • I hope to eventually become a member of Parliament, to address the issues of tribalism
  • I would like to travel to Switzerland to find out their source of peace, and translate that idea into action in South Sudan

My favorite Bible character is Hannah, because she put her trust in the Lord and he rewarded her. - Awate, July 2016

"My prayers are that I will be able to continue with my education and have a brilliant future, unfortunately my biggest fear is of not achieving this dream. I greatly appreciate my supporter’s encouragement and advise. My prayer requests are for good heath, protection and for South Sudan." - Awate, July 2016

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