MY CULTURE By Jacob Chambers

The ethnic group that I identify with most and I am most curious about is the Germans. I am curious of the German culture and there language especially. Culture to me consists of religion, traditions, language, fashion and food traditions.

My family on my moms side is from Germany and an assortment of other places. I don't know were we came from specifically though I do know that it is somewhere in Germany. But I do know that he German language has roots dating back to 6th century A.D.. Originally it was called Old Saxon and not german. But thanks to a High German Consonant Shift the old West german was changed to Old High german. This new language lasted till the 9th century when Martin Luther translated making a new language called Middle High German which had parts derived from Old High German. This language would stay for 300 years when it evolved into the common language we know today as German.

A fun fact about Germans is that they have distinct physical traits that pull them apart from other European ethnic groups. One example of that is that Germans have larger noses. They also have full jaws, broad shoulders, and a larger bone structure overall. Now this also differentiates between genders. Males are taller than average much larger then French, Italians, and Spaniards. While females have a more squarish shoulder structure. The physical traits also depend on the race because while some germans have a strait back others back's slope.

Germans have many strange dishes. Most of them revolve around pig and potatoes. One dish is called Assler or Kasseler in German cuisine is a salted and slightly smoked cut of pork. It can be either hot or cold smoked. Pork necks and loins are the most often used cuts although ribs, shoulders and bellies can also be used (view picture below)

Germans are most known for there art though. Many of the famous religious paintings like the "The Crucifixion" which is the depiction of Jesus when he is nailed to the cross. Another famous art piece is "The Scream" which a german painter named Edvard Munch made four of. He got the inspiration from this because while on a walk with two companions he heard a loud scream or shriek. This painting shows him screaming as his two friends walk away

The main genera of music is metal. In Germany there are many types of metal music such as medieval metal, folk metal, and industrial metal. These generas of music vary depending on the region you go to. Other types of music are 2raumwohnung [Pop], Alphaville [Synth-pop], Die Ärzte [Punk], BAP [Rock], Blümchen [Dance], D.A.F. [Punk], Deichkind [Hip-hop], Phazz [Jazz/Soul], Echt [Pop], Einstürzende Neubauten [Industrial], Element of Crime [Rock], Extrabreit [NDW], Falco [NDW], Die fantastischen Vier [Rap/Hip-hop], Fettes Brot [Hip-hop], Freundeskreis [Hip-hop], Gentleman [Reggae], Glashaus [Soul/Hip-hop], Herbert Grönemeyer [Rock], Nina Hagen [Punk], Juli [Rock/Pop], Udo Jürgens [Easy Listening / Pop], Kraftwerk [Electropop] Udo Lindenberg [Rock], Annett Louisan [Pop], Peter Maffay [Rock], Massive Töne [Hip-hop], Reihnard Mey [Lieder], Münchener Freiheit [NDW], Xavier Naidoo [Pop], Nena [NDW], Die Prinzen [Pop], Pur [Rock/Pop], Rammstein [Heavy Metal], Rosenstolz [Pop], Selig [Grunge/Rock], Sabrina Setlur [Hip-hop/Rap], Silbermond [Rock], Söhne Mannheims [Soul/Rap/R&B], Sportfreunde Stiller [Pop], Die toten Hosen [Punk], Jasmin Wagner [Dance], Marius Westernhagen [Rock], Wir sind Helden [Punk/Pop/Synth], Wizo [Punk]

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