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Do you wonder what happens in a computer, well if you don't you are about to find out.

History of a Computer

Do you ever wonder when computers were made? Why computers were made? Here will be all the answers. Charles Babbage tried to make a computer because he was too lazy to count all the Tax numbers. Charles Babbage was a Tax man. When he tried to make a computer he just could not. He made punch cards and they were like a calculator. Konrad Zuse was the one who was able to make a computer function. Konrad Zuse also made it to calculate all the numbers he had to calculate. Before Transistors were made to connect circuits, People used Vacuum Tubes to connect long and tangled wires. But since the Transistors were made by William Shackley and John Bardeen, it made Vacuum Tubes unnecessary. A long time ago there were a bunch of wires and electrical components. As time passed by people made something called a silicone chip. What the silicone chip did was that it reduced the need of a lot of electrical components.

A Computer that is old

Important parts in a Computer

Most of you might wonder, what are the most important parts of a computer, but there are only 2 parts that keep the computer up and running. The parts are the Hardware and the Silicone Chip. The Hardware is most of the parts. The Silicone Chip reduced the need of a bunch of electrical components. That is what makes the computer less heavy. There are still a lot of big and small parts left that make the computer function. They are the Hard drive, Battery, Motherboard, Heat sink, Expansion slots, CPU, RAM, Power supply unit, and finally the Network card and the other cards. Those are the left over parts of a computer but they still have a job to do in a computer.

Important Computer part

Coding with a Computer

Usually codes are confusing for a lot of people. There are some people in this world who understand coding. Computer codes are called binary codes. Binary codes use numbers, punctuation marks, and finally words. Binary codes usually have numbers in them. It can also have punctuation marks and words.

Lots of Computer codes


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