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Taylor's Trees and More

When second best isn't good enough.

At Taylor's Trees and More, our mission is to provide high quality, genetically modified plants for the same low price as all natural plants.

At Taylor's Trees and More, our vision is to provide our sales and services globally.

At Taylor's Trees and More, our target market is homeowners looking to expand the beauty of their yard, landscape businesses, and anyone looking for a simple growing gift.

At Taylor's Trees and More, we satisfy the customer needs of bare gardens, boring lawns, sympathy for a loss in the family, and many more practical needs.

At Taylor's Trees and More, our competitive advantage is that we offer genetically modified plants, made to with stand unusual weather, have brighter colors, and live longer as well, all at a low price that almost all economic classes can afford.

Taylor's Trees and More SWOT Analysis


  • Drastically lower prices with better quality
  • Located in tactical places
  • Offers lemonade on hot summer days
  • Satisfies practical needs
  • Offers golf cart transportation around the nursery
  • Offers child care while parents/guardians shop


  • Competition with other tree farms and nurseries
  • Low amount of advertisement


  • Partner with local landscaping businesses
  • Advertisement


  • Other surrounding tree farms and plant nurseries
  • Other tree farms and plan nurseries with lower prices

Taylor's Trees and More SWOT Analysis Summary

Overall, Taylor's Trees and More has great strengths and opportunities with not even half as many weaknesses or threats.

In conclusion, Taylor's Trees and More is a successful business idea that shows promising characteristics like innovative, profitability, usability, and integration. They are innovative because we have original genetically modified flowers and Trees that live longer and colors that are brighter. Profitability is a characteristic they have because they grow their own plants, meaning they would only have to pay for the seeds and the shipping of the seeds. They are useful because they satisfy needs of almost any plant needs and in any quantity. They use integration by integrating genetic modification and natural elements as well. And lastly, their products are not a trend, but something that is useful virtually forever.


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