Governments By alacia beeson

A prime minister is the most senior minister of cabinet in the executive branch of government, often in a parliamentary or semi-presidential system. In many systems, the prime minister selects and may dismiss other members of the cabinet.

A President is the leader of a country or a division or part of a country, typically a republic, a democracy, or a dictatorship. The title "president" is sometimes used by extension for leaders of other groups, including corporate entities and social groups.

3 that use the presidency include the United States of America the current leader is Donald Trump another Country is Germany and the president there is Joachim Gauck last but not least is Ireland and the president there is Michael Higgins

Micheal Higgins

3 country's that use prime ministers include New Zealand and the prime minister is john key another is Bangladesh and the prime minister is Sheikh Hasin last is Malaysia and the prime minister is Najib Raz

In their paths to election, their is a very real difference between the president and the Prime Minister. The president is elected as the leader of the country, such as he or she is the head of state. Also, he or she runs the government; the president is also the head of government.


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