What I have learned In PFM 2016-2017

I have been in this class for almost a whole school year and too think back on what I have learned gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

I have learned about taxes and how to save my money, as well as how the world isn't completely fair.
In 2016 I went through all of the simulations and learned so much from them. From insurance to investing and creating a good credit score I learned it all.

It hasn't all been easy to learn, I remember the last and final simulation taking me many many tries. With a large amount of frustration.

In 2017 I have broadened my understanding of taxes even more by learning and using simulations provided by the IRS website.
After taking the PFM class I feel like I will be very well set up for life and understand how more adult things work. I wont have a trouble with taxes and i think it will be easier to move up in life with my new knowledge of the real world.

In the end I truly believe this will have been one of the more important classes I will have taken in my high school career.


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