Good Life tour of the Harn museum the impressive art trip

On Feb 26th, I went to Harn Museum of Art at University of Florida. In this place, I had the amazing opportunity to watch and appreciate all the fabulous art works. Some of the art works really moved me and I had fun enjoying and appreciating the art. I really appreciate the opportunity that University of Florida offered me to enjoy the arts.

An old saying says that, "art is universal language." During today’s trip, I saw lots of fabulous paintings and some of the paintings and photographs gave me extraordinary impressions. The first thing that drew me attention is a photograph of a teenager. In this photograph, the girl who is standing under the tree is trying to look normal. She conscientiously puts her arm and her face in a normal position. However, from her subtle face expression such as the stiff hands, we can see this girl’s uneasiness. One thing I found especially striking is the color comparison. This girls’ bright compare with bark background make her stand out. I begin to understand the author’s purpose of illustrating that teenagers are under stress. They are trying to be normal and trying to be accepted by others; but sometimes, being accepted by others is not easy.
The design of the museum also gave me great impression. Inside the building, the museum was divided to several areas and each section demonstrated different feelings. In some old arts sections, the dark light gave me an impression of old, ancient times. However, in the modern section, bright colors, such as orange and white, gave a refreshing and modern taste of the museum. I particularly like the arrangement of abstract art place. In this place, the abstract art is placed in all the corner and wall. When I entered this section, I feel that I walk into a new world. What’s more, they use bright color to paint the wall, which coordinating the feelings of abstract arts.
One picture that gives me great impression is “First Communion In Juazeiro Do North”. In this photography, three girls are curiously and happily looking in to the camera. They feel curious to the man with a camera and they are happy because they feel that they met an interesting man. However, due to the civil war and poverty, some of them is abandoned, and some others are being separated from their parents. This scene touches me. I am moved because even in those bad conditions of their lives, those girls still have positive attitude for the days to come. Even being separated or abandoned by their parents, they are still curious about new things and feel happy towards their lives. For me, I believe that people should also be positive towards their lives, even through difficulties. After I saw this picture, I understood that if a girl can face a difficult situation, everyone else can do that also. I firmly believe in positive life now.
In the art museum, I saw a painting about New York City that really inspired in the aspect of living a good life. This painting is about a night scenes of New York City. The sky is at dawn, but New York City is getting bright. This painting gives me an impression of great prosperity of New York city. After the second world war, American is unprecedentedly powerful and the whole society is developing at a fairly high rate. Seeing this picture is like seeing the American dream itself. I want to be part of scene, I want to contribute my own strength to help to develop this world, to contribute the society. I want to work in that prospering city because I have the tendency of making my life count as useful.

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