The Harn Museum

This is the entrance of the Harn museum, decorated by plants and a pond full of pennies, nickles and quarters.

Seeing this piece in person helped me appreciated the piece more because the color was much more striking in person than it is in the picture. In person the color was a very dark black that popped out and differentiated itself from the works of art surrounding it. The thing that I found the most striking was the deep black the flame had, it looked almost like coal with a matte finish. The artwork communicated to me a feeling of affection, even though it is a flame it looked like a rose to me.

This particular part of the museum definitely differed from all the others. It used the outdoors to create a natural atmosphere for the garden. The natural lighting gave this specific a more natural and outdoorsy feel. The light added to the whole illusion of this garden being a natural occurrence rather than a piece of art created by man.

This painting reminds me of the scenery from a trip that I took when I lived in Cuba. It was a very calm and quiet place with a very small amount of people everywhere you looked. The emotion that it instills in me the most is tranquility. I associate this painting with the place that I saw and since the place was very calm it also makes me feel very calm. It helps me better understand that I really enjoy the time that I get to spend by myself.

This sculpture looks holy which reminded me of the important of spirituality in living the good life. It reminded me in a way of Siddhartha when he was trying to reach enlightenment but in a more Christian way. This piece communicates this theme because it looks very angelic, it is above most of the other sculptures which gives it a sense of importance. It added to my understanding and appreciation of the theme because until now I hadn't really seen religion and spirituality as a crucial part of living a good life.

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