December At IFSS

Community Wide Food Drive

Students kicked off the holiday season by participating in a community wide door to door food drive with the goal of filling a bus. Non perishable food items were donated to the Iroquois Falls Food Bank and the collection of winter clothing was donated to the NEOFACS warm clothing drive. When students returned to the school they were greeted with a soup and chili lunch organized by the school staff.

Students pose with our bus filled with donations.
Since many of our students commute from the Matheson area, the school also made a donation to the Matheson Food Bank.

Ontario Special Olympics Organization Basketball Tournament

Students competed in a Special Olympics 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament with teams from RMSS and TDSS. A big thank you to Mr. Robinson for facilitating this tournament.

Winter formal

On December 6th students enjoyed an evening of dancing at the winter formal. A big thank you to Jola McLaren and Maryn Lembke, our Student Senators, for organizing the Winter Formal this year.

Student Council's Holiday Spirit Week

The week before the holidays included many spirited activities organized by Student Council which included: ugly sweater day, red and green day, Elf Day, Holiday Hat Day, and a PJ Day! Student council also organized a holiday cake raffle. A big thank you to Mrs. McIntyre for donating her time and cake decorating skills!

David Duguay was the lucky winner of the holiday cake raffle!

NOVA Holiday Sing Along

The holiday spirit was in the air in the NOVA class. Mr. Robinson's sister and niece joined the class for a holiday sing along. A big thank you to Nancy and Jennifer Liznick for sharing their musical talents with our students.

Golden Boot Hockey Tournament

On our last day of school before the holidays the Athletics Society organized a 3 on 3 student vs. teacher road hockey tournament.

We are looking forward to an awesome 2020!


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