February 2017

This month's update is full of new team members, a huge thank you and a note from our team! We hope this update serves as a small tool to help you learn more about Abba's Pride. Don't forget to stay up to date by checking out our website and following us on social media.


If you were able to read through our January update, you learned that the Lord is doing incredible things right now in South Africa through Abba's Pride. With a growing ministry comes a growing team and we are so excited to introduce our new team members!

Pamela Monnakgotla

Pamela joins the Abba's Pride team as an ECD GUILD teacher mentor. She brings her love for the Lord, her ability to speak in multiple home languages and her experience in the classroom. Pamela joined our team the first of February and we have already seen the impact her presence brings to the early childhood centers. Her sweet spirit and desire to learn allows her to gracefully encourage and challenge practitioners. Pamela travels out to the multiple centers four days a week, allowing our team to do more mentorship and training than ever before!

A huge "Thank You" to all of our financial supporters who are making it possible for Abba's Pride to employ Pamela as a teacher mentor. Your financial contribution is making a difference in lives every day!

Anna Goldsmith

Anna will be joining our team full time in June 2017. Anna’s knowledge and experience in the classroom will allow her to play a key role in the expansion of our teacher training program. Anna will also be serving as our female Serve South Africa intern coordinator as she mentors and disciples young adults from all over the world.

Learn More About Anna...

"I received a Bachelor of Art in English with Teacher Licensure from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virigina. I completed Student Teaching in Mililani, Hawai'i. In December 2012, I returned to Charlottesville, Virginia and in January 2013, I started working as a tutor and administrator at a local tutoring company: Clayborne Education. In August, 2014, I left Clayborne and started working at Oakland School, a small, private school for children with ADHD and dyslexia. During the fall of 2014 I worked as a Residential Instructor in the girls' dorm. Since January 2015, I have been teaching full-time at Oakland. Since that time, I have taught: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Social Studies, and American History. (Currently teaching all Writing and Grammar classes and one American History class.)"

"In the early months of 2016 and during the summer, I began to feel like it was time for me to transition out of my current job and begin looking for a new teaching position, but I was not exactly sure what or where that would be. I am licensed in middle and high school English so I was starting to feel the pull to pursue a high school English teaching job since that's my first passion. However, I have always loved to travel and even applied for a teaching job in Spain a few years ago. When I visited South Africa in August 2016 and met the amazing teachers and pastors working in the creches, I knew my plans were going to change. During one of my first site visits, I realized how much hard work the teachers were putting in, but how much more work there was to do to make sure they had the training and resources they needed. After about 4 days in the country, I pretty much knew I would be going back long term."

"I'm most excited about getting to live in and experience a different culture while also doing something I love. Teaching is one of the most challenging but rewarding jobs and I consider it a great privilege to share some of my teaching experience with the men and women who are working so hard to provide the best education possible to the under-resourced children of South Africa."

"Please pray for me and my financial support! It is a slow process that requires a great deal of faith, but is also amazing to see God working and providing. Also prayers for me as I prepare to leave my hometown and my family. My younger brother just moved across the country and I'm getting ready to move to another continent, so my mom could use prayers as she adjusts as well!"


Thank you to our partners at Lyttelton Fresh Produce Housewives Market! Abba's Pride is blessed to receive fresh produce donations twice each week. Apples, oranges, cabbage and more, these donations go directly to children who attend our partnering centers. Thank you Lyttelton Fresh Produce Housewives Market for choosing Abba's Pride's partnering centers to be the recipients of your fresh produce donations!


After a very busy year for our team, the Lord is blessing us with a season of rest with family and friends. Lonnie and Debbie, as well as the Jones family, will be returning to the States for a time of rest and relaxation. Leaving the third week of March, both family's will spend time catching up with friends and family, holding new babies, and resting before returning back to South Africa at the end of May. Julian Marsay is blessed with the opportunity to be able to travel to Israel in April with a group from our home church here in South Africa.

We are excited for our team to be able to have a season of rest before returning for one of our busiest seasons in June! Ministry will continue while we are away and we will continue doing our best to update you through our website and social media!


To learn more about Abba's Pride and stay up to date, visit our website:

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