The Amazing Wetlands By:Durhammoore

The wetlands is an amazing place.

Did you know that the wetlands are50 degrees and under.
The wetlands are sometimes paridise and sometimes a nightmare.WHATS IN THEM.Most of the time there is streams rocks bugs fish frogs cat tails and more.WHAT IS THE TEMPETURE.Most of the time it is cold in the wetlands because it's 50 DEGREES and under.There LIMITING FACTORS are shelter water food and air.That is the amazing wetlands.

If the animals don't have food or water they would die and the plants would because there is no rain.

ABIOTIC,AND BIOTIC FACTORS.Have you ever heard about the WETLANDS.WHATS IN THEM.Here are some animals and plants in the wetlands there are frogs fish snakes REPTILES and other WHAT TYPE OF PLANTS.Some plants are cattail so trees clovers grass.Those are abiotic-not alive and biotic-alive.Those are all the animals and plants that liv in the wetlands.

Abiotic means not alive and biotic means alive like abiotic-rock,sand,dirt.Biotic-fish frogs fox Beatles snakes.

PRODUCER,CONSUMERS,AND DECOMPOSERS.Do you know what producers,consumers,and decomposers are?Here are some WHICH ONES ARE PRODUCERS,CONSUMERS,and,DECOMPOSERS.producers.Plants,trees,grass,and cattains.Here are some consumers.Bevers,birds,frogs,and crocodiles.The decomposers that live in the wetlands are beagles worms mushrooms,and otherThese PRODUCERS,CONSUMERS,and,DECOMPOSERS that live in the wetlands.

Producers produce their own food and consumers look for their food to eat and decomposers break down the dead animals or something that is dead.

ORGANIMS.organisms interacting.WHATS IN THEM.Do you know how organisms interact organisms?Sometimes live in other ORGANISMS so that their predator will not get them.Here are some abiotic factors crocodiles frogs bugs fish.That is how plants and animals interact.

Some organisms interact every well but some are like a nightmare to each other.

LIMITING FACTORS.Do you know what limiting factors are?Plants animal,and humans need limiting factors.WHAT ARE LIMITING FACTORS.They are cloths,food,water,and shelter.If we have to much water we will have a flood and if we don't have much water we would be thirsty.Those are some LIMITING FACTORS.

Limiting factors are important to anything that is alive but some other living things don't need some limiting factors like animals they don't need cloths.

HUMAN EFFECTS.Human effects are exstreamly bad.THESE ARE HUMAN EFFECTS.If you catch fish and kill them fish will leave.If you cut down trees birds will go away and the wetlands won't be AMAZING.The human effects can do a lot.Those are some human effects.

Human effects can sometimes make animals go exstiked like birds or a type of fish.



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