DTC #28: Angelino Mafioso Before becoming a member of the family you must fIrst prove yourself as a paisan, good luck.





Slowly savor handmade delicacies like a mafia boss in their secret club.

Things get a little dangerous while you take target practice.

Cool down with a cocktail adventure you’ll never forget…or will you?

Through mishaps, international battles, pure comedy and a constantly morphing vision the mad scientists of Lost Spirits have created something so special they’ve won the Distillery Tour of the year Award for 2018.

📷: @whiskey_journal

Stop 1

Pasta like Nona used to make

• 7pm to 8:30pm •

Decaying factories usually reserved for film shoots and the odd art shows line the streets leading up to Factory Kitchen. The small red sign lights the way to a “hidden gem” lots of people know about. Sitting down you notice two cooks pumping out raviolis in a machine like manner. Sip on a Manhattan while choosing your burrata-laced appetizers and freshly rolled pastas. In no time you’ll be clenching your mouth in a pleasure induced “cazzo va bene”. After the empty plates are unwillingly relinquished from your possession opt for an espresso to get you movin'. Upon your last sip bid farewell in order to partake in the Mafioso portion of the evening.

Stop 2

learning under The Don

• 8:45pm to 9:45pm •

*Please note: Guns are fucking serious. Gun safety and reformed gun laws are at the forefront of our ethos, so is experiencing new things and seeing all that this city has to offer. This place will show you that they deserve everyone’s respect, even more so than some of the people here. Please go at your own risk. If guns scare you: DO NOT GO HERE.

The strange feeling of entering an unknown type of lair over takes your senses as you enter the LA Gun Club. Where do you start? Who is in charge here? Step up to the counter and get one of the guys attention. He’s seen your kind a million times and knows the drill. Pick out your piece of choice and get the safety run down. Now things get serious. After gingerly popping in ear buds and slowly putting on the earmuffs you’ll enter the range. With shaky hands and a shaky heart attempt to load the cartridge. The security guard will notice your shortcomings and step in to help out. Take your shots and trade off with your friends. Want more ammo? Probably not. The crowds have filtered in and your nerves need a break, hell they need a damn tranquilizer. That’s perfect because a warehouse full of booze nuts is right around the corner.

Alternative: If the range isnt your thing take the long road down to Jen Starks Chromatic Cascade then pull in to Officine Brera for a cocktail.

Stop 3

Willy Wonka meets the Whiskey trail.

• 10pm til you're toast •

📷: @la_dweller

Rounding the block you’ll think you’re lost until the wide-eyed opening to Lost Spirits comes into view. Happily meet your other “booze adventurers” in the strange animatronic laden waiting room. After meeting your pleasant guide you’ll enter the dark mysterious abyss…over an hour later you’ll exit in exaltation, bewildered by what you just witnessed, tasted and accomplished. Only a few hours ago you were merely entering a quiet side street, ignorant at what lay ahead, now you exit onto the street ready to tackle anything this city has in store.


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