Body Cast Challenge By: CArly Menocal, Claire Geibel, Lindsey jacobs, and rose lawless

Our device started with us knocking over dominoes. That was our first step. The dominoes falling onto each other was an example of a 3rd class lever, and our first simple machine in our project. That lead to a weight (actually a doorstop with dominoes taped on it to make it heavier) falling down a ramp. That was our second step, and the ramp was our 2nd simple machine. Next, the ramp will hit a ball. That was our 3rd step. The ball then rolled down the ramp. The ramp was our 3rd simple machine, and this was our 4th step. After the ball rolled down the ramp, it hit a wedge. The wedge is our 4th simple machine, and this was our 5th step. The wedge was pushed forward, and hit a ball. This was our 6th step. Finally, the ball rolled into a tunnel, which lead to ringing the bell. This was our 7th and final step of our project.

This is our handmade wedge constructed by Lindsey. It is made from cardboard and duct tape.
This is our handmade tube constructed by everybody. It was made out of paper and duct tape.
This is a birds eye view of the second half of our final project.
This is a full side view of our final project.
This is our blueprint. It is a birds eye view of our final project.
This is our other blue print. It is a side view of our final project.

Grow- The hardest part of our project was making the ball go past our second wedge. It would either not go down at all, and get caught on something, or would go down, but then not have enough momentum to keep going and push the wedge.

Glow- Our best moments in making our STEM project was our designing and redesigning. We had many different ideas for our project before our final one. After testing each one out, we realized that it wasn't going to work, and redesigned it until we had success.

Our group worked really well together. We all had different things we were good at, so dividing the work wasn't an issue. For example, Lindsey was very crafty, so she helped a lot with building the device it self. Claire and Rose both where very creative, and came up with the majority of the ideas for our final design. Carly pulled all of the ideas together, and was a big help in the success of our project.


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