The Unknown Murderer by Leanna Cockram

My grey and forbidding castle stood dark and tall, staring solemnly down at the long flowing soul stream.
The great castle belongs to me. My name is Luna. I own two worlds. One of the worlds is normal life; I'm kind, giving, loving and caring. But in the other world I'm a whole different person.
Also, in the normal world, I'm known as "the unknown murderer". But nobody knows who the unknown murderer is. Except me...

At exactly 11pm, I run out into the cold night air and anybody I see...

They are gone.

You would think that, as a murderer, I would go around sticking daggers through people's hearts. But no.

I suck their souls into my head, sending them into my world as they slowly fade and disintegrate away.

The lanterns floating about in my world hold the dead, hypnotised people and their souls.

Swimming. Glowing.
Like decorations on a Christmas tree.

After one year has passed by, I put back the souls and let them go.

And I continue doing this... like a hobby.

But, every year, the reporters tell stories of people missing and a hooded girl sighted.

So they are always closer to finding out my true self...

...the unknown murderer.

Meanwhile, while I was watching the news... to see how much they'd captured on tape...
I was shocked...

...they could see my whole face! They have caught me now! I must stop everyone from watching it.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was the police.
I answered the door and they said to me, professionally and solemnly:

"We've got you now... unknown murderer"

I didn't know what to do. My heart was pounding like a machine gun! I tried to explain that I wasn't the unknown murderer but they didn't fall for it.

They suddenly grabbed me. Handcuffed me.

They put me into what looked like a black police car with sealed-up windows.

After about ten minutes, I found myself locked up in a barred cell.

I just wished it was midnight so that I could escape to my other world. After an hour of rest and sleep I woke up to the sound of Big Ben chiming midnight.

Yes... I can finally go to my world.
In ten seconds, I was standing in the bedroom of my castle.
After a good two hours thinking of a plan, it was epic. They wouldn't get away with it! So I decided to go back home.

But I couldn't get back through the portal! I was trapped in my own world!

Was it a bad thing?..

...that I wouldn't see my parents again? Or carry out my plan? Or have to live in my world and be a secret forever?

Would my parents miss me?

The Unknown Murderer

by Leanna Cockram

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