Neptune By: Baylon lowery

Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun.

The diameter of Neptune is about 30,775 miles.

Surface on Neptune

The revolution of Neptune is 2,795,083,000 miles.

Neptune is 30 times farther from the Sun than the earth.

Neptune was named after the Roman God Neptune the God of sea.

Roman God of sea, Neptune.

The temp. On Neptune is about 326 F’.


1.Neptune is the 8th farthest planet from the sun

All planets in line.

2.Neptune is more than 2.5 billion miles from Earth.

3. Neptune is mostly made up of Methane.

Methane Gas

4. Neptune has an atmosphere that swirls with storms and fast moving clouds.


Created with images by WikiImages - "uranus planet gas giant" • European Southern Observatory - "Artist’s impression of the rings around Chariklo" • bazzadarambler - "Neptune in more watery times - Promenade, Cheltenham" • skeeze - "solar system planets space" • aitoff - "gas metal cover"

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