Chromosomal Abnormalities By: Abigail Chabala

~Down Syndrome~

WHAT IS IT?? Down Syndrome is when an error occurs during cell division and there is an extra chromosome. SO there are 47 chromosomes instead of 46.

WHY DOES IS HAPPEN?? It's all due to this thing called "trisomy 21". When the error in cell division happens, its called nondisjunction. Basically the egg or sperm cell (with an extra copy of a chromosome) is left with the extra copy at or before the baby is conceived.

HOW DOES DOWN SYNDROME OCCUR?? Nondisjunction. Which is a failure of one or more pairs of homologous chromosomes (a cell has two sets of each chromosome, Ones from the mother and the other from the father) or sister chromatids. They should separate normally during nuclear division but they don't so it will usually result in an abnormal distribution of chromosomes in the daughter nuclei.

WHO DOES IT OCCUR TO?? WELL, it can happen to anyone at conception. It occurs as a random event during cell division early in fetal development.

"My EXTRA chromosome makes me EXTRA cute!"

Klinefelter Syndrome

WHAT IS IT?? Its when a male is born with an extra sex cell. This is also known as "XXY Syndrome".

WHY DOES IT OCCUR?? Well, the presence of an extra X chromosome in males usually occurs when the genetic material in the egg does not split evenly.

HOW DOES IT OCCUR?? An egg or sperm cell may gain one or more extra copies of the X chromosome as a result of nondisjunction.

WHO DOES IT OCCUR TO?? Males; but this syndrome is not inherited. There are sometimes chromosomal changes at random that occur during the formation of reproductive cells (the eggs and the sperm) in a parent.

Turner Syndrome

WHAT IS IT?? A chromosomal disorder in which a female is born with only one X chromosome

WHY DOES IT OCCUR?? it occurs as a random event during cell division in early fetal development.

HOW DOES IT OCCUR?? Some of an affected person's cells have the usual two sex chromosomes, and other cells have only one copy of the X chromosome. Females with Turner Syndrome only have 1 X chromosome. Others may have 2 X chromosomes, but one of them is incomplete.

WHO DOES IT OCCUR TO?? The condition only occurs in females.

Color Blindness

WHAT IS IT?? A reduced ability to see different certain colors.

WHY DOES IT OCCUR?? You are born with color blindness. The gene; (which is responsible for this condition) is carried on the X chromosome-this is why many more men are affected then women.

This is a person without colorblindness. People affected with colorblindness do not have the right color signaled to their brain (causing them to see more dull colors).

HOW DOES IT OCCUR?? Color Blindness is a hereditary condition, which mean that a person is born with it.

WHO DOES IT OCCUR TO?? It occurs in both Males and females; but usually it is more common to affect males than affect females.

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