My SketchUp House By Mr Hyett


As part of our Digital Designer topic in Computing, I have been learning about and designing 3D buildings. This presentation will take you through the steps I took to achieve my final design.

The Main Structure

I have designed a relatively simple brick house. This type of design is commonly seen across the United Kingdom. I started by drawing a rectangle. I then used the offset tool to create another rectangle within the original shape, before using the push/pull tool to make a 3D structure.

Once I had completed the basic structure, I was able to add a chimney using the same steps as before. I then drew a triangle using the line tool and used the push/pull tool to extract the triangle all the way across the structure.

These images show my process for creating the main structure of the house.

Door & Windows

The door and windows were created using the rectangle tool, offset tool and push/pull tool. I added frames to the windows and a canopy over the front door to improve the detail.

The Roof

Here I added a few extra lines and then extracted the edge of the roof beyond the main structure. This made the roof look more realistic.

I used the bucket tool to paint the chimney with bricks and the roof with tiles. The guttering was painted black.

Arc Window

To create the arc window I began with a simple rectangle. I drew a line 300mm below the top line before using the 2-point arc tool to draw an arc. Once the arc was draw I simply deleted the lines I no longer needed.

The arc window was easy to do and has made the property look a little more interesting.


By using the bucket tool I was able to make the house look more realistic by painting the walls with a brick texture, and the windows with a glass texture.

The Garage

The garage was added very quickly. I simply drew a rectangle on the side of the house and extracted it out using the push/pull tool. I used the offset tool to create the door and pulled the frame out to set the door back. The door has been painted with a metal texture.

The garage was very simple to make.

The Garden

Every house needs a swimming pool, right? I had to create a garden first by drawing a rectangle around the property. I added a fence using the line tool and bucket, as well as adding grass and a pathway, again using the bucket tool.

The garden is a large rectangle. I used lines to draw the fence and pathway.

Once I had the garden in place, I was able to draw a circle on for the pool. Again, I used the offset tool to create a frame around the original shape. I pushed the inner circle underground and painted it with stone tiles. I drew a line from one edge of the inner circle to the other to create another face. This line was immediately deleted (without deleting the face) and then painted with a water texture. Easy!

Drawing a line across the inner circle allows you to create another face which can be textured to look like water. Don't forget to delete the line though - the face will stay in place.

The End Product

The view settings have been changed to remove the lines and guides.
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Antony Hyett LTT

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