Age of Exploration Kandie Sanders; Meninga; World History; April 3, 2017

The Spice Trade

There are 3 causes for the spice trade.

The Europeans have gained spices through the trade with Muslim traders. They formed a monopoly.

Only grew on a few islands in the South Pacific-East Indies That meant that a lot of people had to travel in order to find the spice routes.

The spices were used for seasoning meat also in perfumes and in medicine

The Effects of the spice trade

The reason this one is big changes is because they have only one sellers so they will buy whatever for whatever amount.

This was a big cause because everyone usually would travel there to get spice and then would start a big conflict between everyone who could afford spices.

The effect is that people need the spice so they can use it for medicine or seasoning.

Christopher Columbus

Three causes Chrisopher Columbus changed the world

Christopher Columbus asks Spain to fund his voyage because he knows a shortcut to the spice islands.

Columbus landed in the Bahamas.

He died never knowing what he had discovered.

The effects of Christopher Columbus changing the world

Spain agrees to finance Columbus's voyage.

Columbus continues to explore the Caribbean. That made him believe his is in the East Indies and he started to call the natives Indians.

Someone took over his exploration that is why they call the states America not Columbia

The Spanish Armada

The Spanish Armada causes a big change in the world

In attempt to punish English; the Spanish Armada.

Much of the Armada got caught in the storm.

English victory

The reasons why The Spanish Armada changed the world

Spanish fleet of ships to invade England.

Destroyed English forces Armada to withdraw. The Spanish weakened in defeat

Opens door to English/French colonization of North America.

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Notes on the Spanish Armada, Christopher Columbus, and Spices are found in my notebook.

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