Moon Phases By: matthew coniglione

The reason that we on earth see the moon in a different way than someone on the international space station would is because of our perspective we only see the portion of the moon facing the earth as opposed to someone on the ISS who can see a different part of the moon.

When a moon phase is waxing (ex: the first quarter) the moon is getting brighter. When a moon phase is waning (ex: the third quarter) the moon is getting darker.

New Moon: ~0% -3.5 days- Waxing Crescent: ~25% -3.5 days- First Quarter: ~50% -3.5 days- Waxing Gibbous: ~75% -3.5 days- Full Moon: ~100% -3.5 days- Waning Gibbous ~75% -3.5 days- Third Quarter: ~50% -3.5 days- Waning Crescent -3.5 days- Repeat.

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