Climate change Laura Camarero González 4ºB

What is the climate change?

  • Changes in ocean currents
  • Rising sea levels
  • More powerful and longer-lasting storms
  • Droughts and fires
  • Disappearance of ecosystems.

What is the greenhouses effect?

The greenhouse effect is a fenomenal which the gases that are found in the atmosphere retain hot. This hot comes from the natural solar radiaton, but when it bounces off the earth’s sufrace get’s trapped by the gas barriers.

These gases in can be produced in nature and through human industry.

The concentration of these gases has been increased by human action through fossil fuels, deforestation, industries ... causing the rise of air pollution.

How does livestock farming affects climate change?

The cattle industry is one of the biggest responsible for global warming and its impacts on the planet's climate.

It produced polluted, wasted water, land degradation, deforestation and more effects.

The livestock sector emits 18% of the greenhouses gases, more than the world traffic.

· 9% of emissions (CO2)

· 37% of methane emissions (CH4)

· 65% of nitrous oxide (manure)

26% of the land area is dedicated to the production of grass, 33% to the production of grain for feed, which it mean a serious deforestation and 10% of available fresh water on the planet absorbs livestock.


What can we do?

Livestock farming contaminates and this problem is part of something bigger. Climate change was something we could have faced in time if we had heard the warnings we were sent over 40 years ago about it. However, the problem is now more urgent than ever . So as consumers, each of us has the power to generate changes that impact on a better environment, health and well-being. Reducing the consumption of meat and dairy products, seeking an adequate food balance, is a very positive action. Increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as legumes, will certainly bring us individual and collective benefits.

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